Welcome to the World's Friendliest Desert!

In the untouched vastness of the Negev, Desert Nomads offers you a multitude of opportunities to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring culture of the desert. Come and walk with us in the footsteps of the ancient Nabataean Spice Route and relive the spiritual experience of the Exodus. We'll also show you the other side of this amazing desert, the friendliest desert in the world, with its countless and unique geological formations, pristine landscapes, impressive biodiversity, and remains from ancient civilizations. We'll also take you to meet the last of the Bedouins, the sons of the desert, who guard the ancient tradition of nomadic life in the deserts of the Middle East. Treat yourself to the experience of a lifetime and join our amazing desert adventures!

Daily Tours

We run a variety of daily tours into the land of the Negev craters, each of which take you along hidden trails and into unique natural wonders. These tours provide a short & sweet taste of the unrivalled history and geology of this mysterious yet friendly desert.

Exploring The Desert

A day tour is simply too short if you want a true desert experience that fully captures the history & wonder of this landscape. Explore more of what the desert has to offer with one of our amazing desert trips.

Nomads Expeditions

Our exhilarating deep desert expeditions will take you off the beaten path and into the hidden treasures of the elusive desert. Are you ready to experience life as a Desert Nomad?!