Terms and Conditions

By submitting a booking form with payment information you acknowledge that you are enrolling in an active walking tour and accept the Terms and Conditions as follows:

1.  Booking

1.1.  Note that tour itineraries are subject to change or cancellation based on the weather and trail conditions.

1.2.  Guaranteed Departure Tours are limited to bookings as follows:

  • Short tour/one day tour: 5 days advance booking

  • Overnight tour: 21 days advance booking

  • Guaranteed Departure Tours are not available on jewish holidays.

1.3.  A booking is not accepted until your completed booking form with full payment has been approved and a confirmation has been issued by the Desert Nomad team.
1.4.  Your place on the tour is not guaranteed until a valid receipt of the booking has been issued.

1.5.  Special private tours and small group tours can be arranged upon request, including tailor and custom itinerary, the price will be determined based on the request.


2.  Prices

2.1.  Prices are listed on our website in US Dollars.

2.2.  The Desert Nomad team reserves the right to alter the price of the tour before your booking has been confirmed.


3.  Cancellations

3.1. Tour cancellations must be made in writing and are only valid from the day the cancellation is received by the Desert Nomad team.
3.2. The following cancellation terms apply:

  • 14-21 days prior to tour start date – 50% cancellation fee of total tour cost

  • 1-13 days prior to tour start date – 100% cancellation fee of total tour cost


4.  Itinerary Changes

4.1. If, for any reason, you choose to alter your tour itinerary after the payment has been received and accepted by the Desert Nomad team, we will do our best to accommodate the change, however, an administration fee of 100 shekels per person will be charged.


5.  Insurance

5.1. By booking a tour with Desert Nomad you acknowledge that you have your own arrangements for adequate insurance with a reputable insurer to cover personal injury, death, medical expenses, hospital expenses, cost of medicine, repatriation expenses, loss or damage of luggage and belongings and any expenses associated with cancellation or delay. You are solely responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings. In case of illness, all medical fees including hospitalization, ambulance, medication, doctor’s fees and repatriation costs are the sole responsibility of the client and Desert Nomad shall not be liable for any such expenses or to refund tour costs.


6.  Fitness

6.1. By booking a tour with Desert Nomad, you confirm that you and all participants in your party are in good health, are physically and mentally capable of engaging in the activity you are booking and have no known medical issues that would prevent or complicate participation in the activity.


7.  Force Majeure (Act of God)

7.1. We accept no liability and pay no compensation when a booking is affected by ‘force majeure’, or Act of God. ‘Force majeure’ is defined as any event that is beyond our control, which we could not foresee, prevent or avoid, including, but not limited to, war, threat of war, natural disaster, explosion, sabotage, invasion, terrorist activity, strike, labour dispute, government action, embargo, fire, technical problems with transportation and any and all other events beyond our control.


8.  Law

8.1. In the case of any dispute, conflict or legal proceeding, the law of Israel applies.


9.  Information

9.1. The information on the Desert Nomad website is accurate to the best of our knowledge, belief and understanding. We accept no responsibility for any inaccuracy in the information produced. We reserve the right to adjust information without notice.


10.  Conditions of Routes

10.1 Desert Nomad cannot be held responsible for the conditions of the hiking trails, highways, roads, footpaths or any other routes included on the tour that may be affected by the desert weather conditions. These surfaces are maintained by third parties over which we have no control.


11.  Emergency Phone Contact

11.1. Upon arrival, you will be presented with the phone number of a local English-speaking contact person who will be available to you in case of emergency. This is in addition to our trail leader who will be available to you constantly during the day.


12.  Additional Transportation

12.1. Any additional transportation you require that is not specifically included in the tour package is at your own expense.


13.  Travel Documents

13.1. You are responsible for obtaining all necessary visas and travel permissions and for obtaining a passport that is valid for at least six months after the date of your arrival.


14.  Privacy

14.1. All information provided in a booking will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed or sold to other companies for any purpose other than what is needed to secure travel arrangements with suppliers.

14.2. Credit card information will be kept secure while needed and then destroyed or redacted.

14.3. We will retain mailing information and past travel information.

14.4. Any photos that you share with us or that are taken of you by Desert Nomad staff or volunteers become our property and may be used in promotions without any compensation to you for their use unless you specifically indicate that no photos of or by you are to be used.


15.  Gear and Equipment

15.1. You, as a tour participant, are responsible for bringing closed hiking shoes, a small hiking backpack, a hat, sunscreen and a sufficient amount of water.

15.2. For tours that involve camping, it may be your responsibility to bring your own sleeping bag. Be advised that the temperatures drops at night, so bring insulated clothes.

Most tours will have a pick-up drop-off location in the Desert Shade Eco-Camp in Mitzpe Ramon. Free parking is available at the eco-camp. Optional pick-up may be available from other locations in Mitzpe Ramon on request.