Discover the Land of the Negev Craters

The beating heart of the friendliest desert!

Nowhere else on Earth will you find a desert quite like the Negev.


The Negev Desert is a place where extraordinary beauty and serenity meet and where the kindest, warmest people reside. And with it being just a short drive from Israel’s international airports, the Negev has never been more accessible!


As you explore your way through the Negev Desert, you'll discover what life is really like in this amazing desert. 4x4 tours and bicycle trips will guide you along ancient roads, bringing you to amazing viewpoints with wide vistas. This land truly holds something for everyone; whether you are passionate about nature or you yearn for adventure, there is something here for you. And don’t worry, the meticulously marked paths in the desert ensure your safety during your trip.


The Negev is also home to "the Land of the Craters", a unique phenomenon found nowhere else on Earth, otherwise known as the "machteshim". From the small town of Mitzpe Ramon, in the center of this stunning Geopark, the pure power of geology is clearly visible. Millions of years of tectonic pressure has warped and lifted ancient layers, hundreds of meters thick, while intense weathering has persistently carved and eroded the rock, until a hollow bowl, miles wide, has been left.


The desert also hosts small modern towns and communities that live alongside Bedouin camps and villages holding on to their ancient traditions. Despite their differences, all those that live in the desert always have one thing in common: hospitality. No matter where you are from, or why you are here, you will be welcomed warmly and openly into this beautiful land. 

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Mitzpe Ramon office: +972-546-277-414

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